The One Word That Can Change Your Business

The power of asking why

Ricardo Semler is the CEO and majority owner of Semco Partners, which is a Brazilian company that is known for high democracy among employees and great focus on creativity.

They use a powerful but yet simple creativity technique. The technique is like this: They ask WHY three times before making a decision.

In his book, The Seven-day Weekend, Ricardo talks about that he used to go to three to five business lunches per week. One day he asked himself WHY for the first time: “Why am I going to these business lunches?” He answered: “So I can be closer to that person”.

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17 Stories That Can Help You Find a Name For Your Business

How 17 Famous Companies Got Their Quirky Names

It’s common that entrepreneurs get excited about a new idea for a business but often struggle to find a good name for their new company. This happened to us and we set a deadline so the name decision wouldn’t delay us any further. We found a name and started using it, but we felt that […]

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What Is KWL and How Can This Chart Help You Come Up With Creative Solutions?

Woman solving a problem on a poster

There are several methods you can use to inspire a creative thought process that leads to new and useful ideas. Some methods are ideal for individuals and others are also useful for a group of people. One method that I like that can be useful for both individuals and groups is to create a KWL […]

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Important Creativity Step That Many People Skip

Questions to ideas

Creativity is a thought process and according to research you can train yourself to think more creatively. I will repeat this because this is so important, you can train yourself to be more creative :) I find this very interesting because creativity is so important in today’s world for entrepreneur’s and companies’ success. The creativity process The creative […]

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The Creativity Diet – What to Eat to Be More Creative (Recipes + Infographic)

Creativity food: Fruits

Creativity is a thought process that leads to new and useful ideas and what we eat can affect our thought process a lot. Being on the seafood diet where you see food and eat it might not be the best diet if you want to have a sharp and creative mind ;) All jokes aside […]

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