The Creativity Diet – What to Eat to Be More Creative (Recipes + Infographic)

Creativity food: Blueberries

Creativity is a thought process that leads to new and useful ideas and what we eat can affect our thought process a lot.

Being on the seafood diet where you see food and eat it might not be the best diet if you want to have a sharp and creative mind ;)

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Increase Your Creativity by Being Your Life’s Editor

Increase your creativity by simplifying your life

Your life is a masterpiece that you create and just like editors edit movies and books you need to edit your life regularly. Adding less to your life can have a huge impact on the quality of your life as well as on your creativity. Having too many things in your home, at your office and in your car can […]

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7 Scientific Ways to Organize Your Workspace for Creativity

Workspace for creativity

Soon I will be moving in to a new home and one of my favourite parts about it is that I will have a whole room as my workspace. As a researcher researching creativity I am especially interested in creating a workspace for me that will increase my creativity, because I have learned how truly important […]

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5 Inspiring Creativity Quotes

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

It can be rather frighting to come up with new and useful ideas. However, when we understand that creativity is also about those smaller ideas, like setting up a signup box for your newsletter, creating a new recipe or finding a new place where you work from, it can be a lot easier to intentionally practice being creative. […]

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Simple Ways to Increase Creativity (Infographic)

Simple Ideas To Stimulate Creativity

Creativity is a thought process that leads to new and useful ideas, and according to research we can train our brain to come up with creative ideas. Isn’t that great? I think it is especially great because leading for creativity is one of the most popular area of demand in Corporate America and a “must-have skill for today’s […]

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