The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics

If you’re interested in getting more traffic to your website you might already be creating content on a regular basis. Often it can help to create various types of content – because some people prefer reading, others like watching a video, while it suits other people better to listen to somebody speak.

One type of content that has been popular over the past few years is infographics. They are often easy on the eye and easy to consume – and if you increase the odds of people consuming your content you increase the odds of people sharing your content. More shares can lead to more awareness of your brand, more traffic to your website from social media and more incoming links from other websites (which helps you with SEO).

As with many tactics that work and become popular, they are overused and are not as effective as 4 years ago. The fact that mobile devices are responsible for a greater and greater percentage of Internet traffic could also be a factor – many classic infographics aren’t optimized for smartphones. That could be one way for you to stand out from the competition – make sure your infographic looks good on smartphones.

If done well, an infographic can have a great impact on your business. One way of optimizing your content marketing is by analyzing what others have done and what works best.

Siege Media created this neat infographic with some interesting stats about popular infographics, based on their research of the 1000 most shared infographics in the past year.

Did you know that infographics are most popular in the health industry (especially on Facebook and Pinterest) and least popular in the food industry?

The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics

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