The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics

If you’re interested in getting more traffic to your website you might already be creating content on a regular basis. Often it can help to create various types of content – because some people prefer reading, others like watching a video, while it suits other people better to listen to somebody speak. One type of […]

One of The Most Common SEO Mistakes is Simple to Fix

I have reviewed a lot of websites based on search engine optimization (SEO) and web development. I analyze the websites and let people know what to change, add or do better so the websites will perform better (regarding search engine rankings, website traffic, user experience, conversions, sales, etc.). One of the first things I check […]

One Easy Way to Improve User Experience and Increase SEO

A lot of people want to get more traffic to their websites from search engines like Google. They study search engine optimization (SEO) and work on optimizing their website to rank better. But because Google (and other search engines) care about their users they want to make sure the people using the search engine have […]

A Simple Trick to Get More Website Traffic From YouTube

Many people turn to YouTube to increase awareness of their product and brand – they might even try to create a viral video. Some people also want to get more traffic to their website through YouTube and put a URL (the path to their website) in the description of the YouTube video. But a lot […]