These Playful Weekly Reminders Can Help You Be More Successful

To do intelligent things, create, innovate and solve problems it is important to do silly things and play. Play might be seen as the opposite of work, but research suggest that play can actually be a very important part of work and people’s creativity. Any activity can become play with a

The One Word That Can Change Your Business

Ricardo Semler is the CEO and majority owner of Semco Partners, which is a Brazilian company that is known for high democracy among employees and great focus on creativity. They use a powerful but yet simple creativity technique. The technique is like this: They ask WHY three times before making a decision. In his book, […]

What Is KWL and How Can This Chart Help You Come Up With Creative Solutions?

There are several methods you can use to inspire a creative thought process that leads to new and useful ideas. Some methods are ideal for individuals and others are also useful for a group of people. One method that I like that can be useful for both individuals and groups is to create a KWL […]

Important Creativity Step That Many People Skip

Creativity is a thought process and according to research you can train yourself to think more creatively. I will repeat this because this is so important, you can train yourself to be more creative :) I find this very interesting because creativity is so important in today’s world for entrepreneur’s and companies’ success. The creativity process The creative […]

The Creativity Diet – What to Eat to Be More Creative (Recipes + Infographic)

Creativity is a thought process that leads to new and useful ideas and what we eat can affect our thought process a lot. Being on the seafood diet where you see food and eat it might not be the best diet if you want to have a sharp and creative mind ;) All jokes aside […]