How to Use the Powerful Tool You Were Born With to Reach Your Goals

Lemon and lime - Reach your goal

The mind is a powerful tool. To see what effect our thoughts can have on us, you can close your eyes and follow these steps:

  • Imagine a lemon
  • Think about all sensory qualities of the lemon like size, shape, color, and texture
  • Pick up the imaginary lemon and put it close to your mouth and then take a big bite out of it
    • What does it taste like?
    • Can you think about what it smells like?
    • What does the lemon feel like in your mouth?
  • Now open your eyes and notice the amount of saliva in your mouth
    • Did it increase? Most likely it did.

Was the lemon really there? No, it wasn’t, but you probably salivated like there was one. You created an image in your mind and your unconscious mind responded as if that imaginary lemon was real because you imagined a lot of details of this picture. It is also likely that you did not see yourself in that picture but you looked through your eyes.

When people look through their eyes when imagining things, their feelings will be more intense.

On the other hand when people see themselves in the picture, the memory feels more like watching a movie rather than being there. In this situation people’s feelings will be less intense or not at all there.

You are in charge of what you feel. Feelings can assist us with reaching our goals so next time you think about your goal, see it through your eyes and make the feeling more intense. Be inside your dream home and look around instead of watching it from outside. Sit in the chair in your dream office and focus on what you see in your environment. Ask yourself the right questions and be aware of how you use the powerful tool you were born with, your mind.

About Birna Birgisdóttir

Birna Birgisdóttir is a Ph.D candidate, researching creativity and servant leadership. She enjoys learning new things and has a M.Sc. in International Business, B.Sc. in Business Administration, diploma in Human Resource Management and she is an Executive Coach as well as NLP Practitioner.

Birna loves new adventures; has travelled the world, scuba dived in Mexico, skydived in Las Vegas, surfed in Australia, meditated in India and climbed the highest peak in Iceland.

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