A Simple Trick to Get More Website Traffic From YouTube

Traffic in New York City (Times Square)

Many people turn to YouTube to increase awareness of their product and brand – they might even try to create a viral video. Some people also want to get more traffic to their website through YouTube and put a URL (the path to their website) in the description of the YouTube video. But a lot […]

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These Questions Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

Family Dreaming

A few weeks ago I had a very good conversation with my friend, we were discussing our dreams in life. I really love this kind of conversation because I have so many dreams in life and I like to think about them and imagine my life when I have reached them. What I found interesting […]

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7 Viral Videos That Can Inspire Your Own Viral Success

Viral Marketing (Drawing)

I like viral videos, they can be a lot of fun – that’s usually the reason they go viral. Either that or they are shocking, interesting, inspiring… Many viral videos are not commercial, there’s no company behind it, just regular people that caught something unique on video (although some people try to monetize the views […]

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